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LLbrows suits your needs by offering customized microblading training specifically tailored for every clients' individual needs.

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About Ludimilla Leite

I came from a professionally known family of hairdressers. I became a hairdresser at a young age, through this world of beauty it became natural for me. Interest in microblading began when my clients pressured me to do microblading on them. In 2017, I attended a David Nguyen Masters Microblading class because that was when I discovered my great passion. Since then I have been spend a great deal of time and effort training my skills and techniques.
I was recognized by David Nguyen, a master coach of the World Cup. Recently, I was invited to work with him. Thus, simply showing David's deep confidence in his work. My vision is to share my knowledge and techniques of Permanent Makeup to people who have a passion for this world of beauty.
In addition to being a Permanent Makeup trainer, Ludimilla is also a professional makeup and hair beauty artist.